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      Ebest Precision Mould

      Welcome to Ebest – Plastic Injection Mould manufacturer in China

      Ebest Precision Mould Limited was founded 2012 in Dongguan, China and as of today we are still on this location. We are a professional manufacturer of plastic injection moulds and in our process we start from mould steel to produce the mould base. We have our own mould base factory to ensure our high quality demands. Furthermore we use standard components according to international standards. The cores and cavities meet the highest standards of precision and before starting the actual production we agree with our customer on all details of the mould construction. We are able to provide high quality tools both with a simple construction when that is possible and with a complicated structure whenever that is needed.

      Ebest has advanced equipment and professionally trained and experienced staff members. We offer a wide range of services from product/tooling design, precision mould and moulding and also moulds packaging. Tools we make are for different applications, especially good at making electric appliances, automotive parts, electronics.

      Ebest provides support to companies in the plastics industry who are continually looking for ways to reduce their costs and to meet tight deadlines without sacrificing quality. By providing first class project management we can guarantee you problem-free, high quality and good priced tools.


      Why choose work with Ebest?

      1. We have a good Project Management System which includes time management and document systems. Every staff member in EBEST has good time concept. They will give on time reply to you and keep you informed about the mould development step by step.

      2. Manufacturing: we control and follow the mould by strictly step by step. Every step we will have self-checking and QC checking when necessary to ensure good quality

      3. Keep on time communication with client by emails and phone-calls.

      All the above many Chinese mould makers can do it, but what makes Ebest distinguish from our competitors? The answer is: Our values like honor and respect are traits in business that make us stand out from others. We truly believe those who can convince others of their intrinsic values,may thereby prosper and it may be easier for the genuinely honest to the thus more convincing.

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      Fax: +86 0769-82963008


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